BandSense Noseband Tightness Gauge


BandSense is a digital gauge which makes the measurement of equine bridle noseband tightness easy, safe and reproducible.

SafeBand Measurement

BandSense at nasal bone site.

It is simple to use. Just insert the finger probe between the noseband and the tissue site of interest, press the measure button with your thumb and the tightness reading is recorded and displayed to view. If the horse moves its jaw or you wish to repeat the measurement, simply press the measure button again to update the reading. The reading is retained and displayed even after the device is removed to facilitate logging of the reading.

The SafeBand Backlit Display.

The BandSense display indicates the noseband tightness in three forms, a Bar Graph, as a force (in units of Newtons and as a descriptor on the BandSense tightness scale.

The BandSense display is a backlit liquid crystal display capable of graphical and text/numeric representation of the tightness reading. The back light makes the reading clearly visible under both subdued light (dark stable) or brilliant sunshine (competition arena).

The BandSense Scale of noseband tightness.





The BandSense scale of tightness provides a noseband tightness classification based on well defined force ranges measured at the nasal plane. For instance a ‘Tight’ classification corresponds to BandSense measured forces in the range 20-39 Newtons (N).