BandSense Early Adopters


We realise how important it is to get user feedback when developing a new product. BandSense senses and measures the load applied by a tightened noseband or strap when it is inserted between the strap and the nose of the horse or pony. We have incorporated features such as wireless recharging, bluetooth connectivity and different measurement modes such as a tightness scale, tension measurement in Newtons/cm as well as the primary measurement of force in Newtons. Single value and continuous dynamic measurement and logging is therefore possible with the technology.

We can offer two systems which can be customized to differing degrees to customer requirements.

BandSense Lite measures, holds and displays the tightness of a noseband or other bridle strap in Newtons. Accessories allow probe conversion from 1/2 finger to one and two finger probe sizes. The device will have CE mark approval.

BandSense Dynamic has all the features of BandSense lite but is also Bluetooth enabled and so can communicate with a laptop or mobile device to allow real time measurement and data logging. In addition to tightness measurement, switch selectable modes such as tension, tightness scale, calibration checking are also provided. An android app provides a graphical user interface to display and save data to file for further processing and analysis.